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Podiatrist Altrincham

Are you taking care of your feet? Discover the benefits of regular podiatry

Welcome to Podiatrist Altrincham, your trusted local experts in foot care. Our practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive podiatry services to help you maintain healthy and pain-free feet. Whether you're dealing with a specific foot issue or simply looking to keep your feet in optimal condition, our skilled team is here to support you every step of the way.

Podiatry, also known as chiropody, focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot and lower limb conditions. Our experienced podiatrists use both traditional and modern techniques to address a wide range of foot-related problems, ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality care tailored to their needs.

UK Podiatry Services

Routine Foot Care

Routine foot care is essential for maintaining overall foot health, especially for individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Our podiatrists provide regular check-ups, nail trimming, callus removal, and treatment of minor foot issues to prevent them from becoming serious problems.

By scheduling routine visits, you can ensure that any potential issues are identified and treated early. This proactive approach helps to maintain the comfort and functionality of your feet, allowing you to stay active and pain-free.

Biomechanical Gait Analysis and Orthotics

Understanding the biomechanics of your feet is crucial for addressing issues related to movement and posture. Our podiatrists conduct thorough biomechanical assessments to identify abnormalities and recommend custom orthotics to correct them.

Orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts that support the feet, improve alignment, and alleviate pain. By addressing the root cause of your discomfort, orthotics can enhance your overall quality of life.

Sports Injury Management

Sports injuries can significantly impact your performance and daily activities. Our podiatrists specialise in diagnosing and treating sports-related foot and lower limb injuries, using advanced techniques to promote rapid recovery.

We offer tailored treatment plans that include physical therapy, custom orthotics, and injury prevention strategies to help you return to your sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can lead to serious foot complications, making specialised care essential. Our podiatrists provide comprehensive diabetic foot assessments, wound care, and education to help manage and prevent foot-related issues.

Regular diabetic foot care can prevent infections, ulcers, and other complications, ensuring your feet remain healthy and functional.

Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenails and other nail conditions can cause significant discomfort and, if left untreated, can lead to infections. Our podiatrists are skilled in performing minor nail surgeries to provide relief and prevent further complications.

These procedures are usually quick and performed under local anaesthesia, allowing you to return to your normal activities with minimal downtime.

Verruca Treatment

Verrucae, also known as plantar warts, can be painful and persistent. Our podiatrists offer arrange of effective treatments, including cryotherapy and Swift Microwave laser therapy, to remove verrucae and prevent their recurrence.

Early treatment can prevent the spread of verrucae and reduce discomfort, allowing you to walk comfortably again.

Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nail infections can cause nails to become discoloured, thickened, and brittle. Our podiatrists provide various treatment options, including topical and oral medications, as well as laser therapy, to effectively eliminate fungal infections.

Treating fungal nails early can prevent the spread of infection and restore the appearance and health of your nails.

Children's Foot Health

Children's feet require special attention as they grow and develop. Our podiatrists are experienced in treating paediatric foot conditions, from flat feet to growth-related issues, ensuring that your child's feet develop properly.

Regular check-ups can detect and address any abnormalities early, promoting healthy foot development and preventing future problems.

What are the main benefits of visiting a podiatrist?

·     Early Detection and Treatment - Regular visits can catch foot problems early, preventing more serious issues.

·     Pain Relief - Podiatrists can diagnose and treat the root cause of foot pain, providing effective relief.

·     Customised Care - Treatments such as orthotics and tailored advice ensure solutions are specific to your needs.

·     Improved Mobility - Addressing foot and lower limb issues can enhance your ability to walk and perform daily activities comfortably.

·     Prevention - Preventative care and education help maintain foot health and prevent future problems.

What questions should I ask the Podiatrist?

·     Why do I have itchy, flaky skin on my feet?

·     What can I do to prevent calluses and corns?

·     Are custom orthotics right for me?

·     How can I improve my foot hygiene?

·     What are the best treatments for plantar fasciitis?

·     How often should I schedule routine foot care appointments?

·     What steps can I take to prevent diabetic foot complications?

·     Can you help with sports-related foot injuries?

Please contact us directly at the Practice on 0161 929 7272 or for personalised advice and treatment plans tailored to your foot care needs.

We are here to help you maintain healthy and happy feet.

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We are open Monday to Friday, offering evening appointments for flexibility to our clients.  Please call 0161 929 7272 or email for more information.

Emily L

Excellent service, very professional. Playing a lot of sport, I came to see Steve regarding my painful stress fracture in my foot. He made tailored orthotics for me and they work a treat! All staff were so warm and welcome with a Covid-19 safe environment. Would 100% recommend Steve to anyone and everyone!

Virginia Bazley

Walking had become very painful, I’d tried standard off-the-shelf orthotics recommended by another podiatrist, which only helped a little. Steve took casts of my feet, and also tailored the orthotics when they arrived. With some parts cut away and with additions stuck on they may look makeshift, but they work a treat, I’ve been walking pain-free.

Angela Marar

Extremely professional. Pain in my feet resolved by orthotics made from a mould so they fit exactly and have realigned my feet allowing me improved balance. I can highly recommend this podiatrist.

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