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Ingrowing toe nails

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Ingrowing toe nails

Ingrowing toe nails can be the result of poor nail cutting, badly fitting shoes or simply having genetically poorly shaped nails.

Whatever the cause, here at UK Podiatry, our Podiatrists can help.

Many can be treated conservatively with nail cutting and footwear advice, although a small number will require nail surgery. 

This is done frequently in clinic by our Podiatrists with excellent outcomes. Many of our patients have suffered for years before seeking help with their ingrowing toenails and are delighted with their experience. Often they will say that they wish they had sought treatment sooner.

If you are suffering with ingrowing toe nails then please contact us. Our Podiatrists can inform you of your treatment options and help you back to optimal comfort as soon as possible.

Chat to us about your problem on 0161 929 7272 or email

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Emily L

Excellent service, very professional. Playing a lot of sport, I came to see Steve regarding my painful stress fracture in my foot. He made tailored orthotics for me and they work a treat! All staff were so warm and welcome with a Covid-19 safe environment. Would 100% recommend Steve to anyone and everyone!

Virginia Bazley

Walking had become very painful, I’d tried standard off-the-shelf orthotics recommended by another podiatrist, which only helped a little. Steve took casts of my feet, and also tailored the orthotics when they arrived. With some parts cut away and with additions stuck on they may look makeshift, but they work a treat, I’ve been walking pain-free.

Angela Marar

Extremely professional. Pain in my feet resolved by orthotics made from a mould so they fit exactly and have realigned my feet allowing me improved balance. I can highly recommend this podiatrist.

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Cheshire, WA14 1HP

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