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Nail Surgery

When is it the time to have it and how does it work?

The prospect of any surgery can be daunting, especially when it’s as simple as your toenail.

To give you piece of mind and prepare you for what would happen if you were to have Nail Surgery with us at UK Podiatry, we’ve got all the information you need below.

Firstly, on arrival to your appointment, our experienced Podiatrists will run through the procedure with you, so you are fully informed of everything that will take place during the surgery.

What is Nail Surgery?

It’s a medical operation that removes all or part of a toenail because it is causing a problem that has not gone away with usual nail care. There can be a couple of types of this procedure, which prevents the nail from re-growing, but all are carried out by a qualified healthcare professional.

When may surgery be recommended?

Nail surgery can be recommended if you have a painful, problematic or an ingrowing toenail; this is when the outer edge of the nail grows into the skin at the side causing a wound. Some people also get an infection around the ingrowing toenail. Surgery is often recommended if you get an ingrowing toenail or infection repeatedly.

For nail surgery to be recommended you need:

• A good blood supply to and from the feet

• To not be experiencing a flare of your rheumatic condition.

I’m going to have Nail Surgery soon, what will happen?

We will confirm your appointment with us and advise you to bring some loose fitting or open toe shoes with you to wear afterwards. You may wish to take a bath or shower on the day of surgery as it is strongly advised that you do not bathe or shower for approximately 6 days following the procedure. This is because there is an increased likelihood of infection if the dressing gets and remains wet.

The procedure will last no longer than one hour and you will be able to go straight home afterwards.

1. You will be asked to sign a consent form

2. You will be given an anaesthetic - this is usually a local anaesthetic which means you will stay awake but will not feel any pain in your toe.

3. A podiatrist, podiatric surgeon or other qualified health professional will complete the procedure

4. You will have a large bandage put on your toe - you will not be able to get a closed-in shoe back on

5. You will be given advice about how to look after the bandage and manage any discomfort you may notice once the anaesthetic wears off

6. You will be given after care advice to help aid healing and about spotting any signs that this might not be happening as expected.

7. For the remainder of the day, you will be advised to rest with your foot up above hip level, to reduce bleeding from the site.

How long will it be before you can get back to cycling, the gym, football, golf or driving your car?

The dressing should be kept dry and on for 6 days following the surgery, so driving is fine but playing football or golf is not advised.

How much does surgery cost at UK Podiatry?

Prices start from £350 which includes the surgery, all dressings, aftercare and any follow up appointments required.

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